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Production Through Performance: A New Approach to Music Technology


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May 31, 2019
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Production Through Performance:
A New Approach to Music Technology

Production Through Performance is an online course that takes participants through shedthemusic’s music technology curriculum. The goal of this class is to prepare teachers to use the materials in their classroom by completing essential projects in The Shed’s study sequence. Learners in the course will work on their ability to write pop songs using the piano keyboard to play and record drum grooves, bass lines, chordal parts and melodies. Regular transcription assignments will help develop the aural skills that are necessary to be able to play student selected songs by ear. Participants will collaborate with each other using the DAW Soundtrap to create full pop songs from scratch that sound like they would be on the radio. Join now to learn how to make music technology a course that puts performance at the heart of the digital classroom.

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand how to set up a MIDI lab

  • Be able write, play, and record the following using the piano keyboard as the primary input device. 

  • Drum grooves and fills.

  • Bass lines with octave leaps and leading tones.

  • Chord parts with inversions using the four rhythmic roles for chordal instruments.

  • Melodies with voice leading and non chord tones.

  • Compose original diatonic chord progressions.

  • Use verse/chorus song for to write a full pop song.

  • Transcribe chords, bass lines, and melodies from teacher and participant selected songs. 

  • Learn advocacy strategies to add a music production course at your middle or high school. 

Instructor: Bob Habersat

Bob Habersat is a guitarist and music educator currently teaching at Oak Lawn Community High School in the Chicago suburbs. Along with his teaching partner Paul Levy, Habersat created the music education website, which specializes in remediation and enrichment content for the general music and performance classrooms. With concise videos, clear text explanations and integrations with Noteflight and Soundtrap, they have produced new ways to teach music theory, jazz and music technology using 1:1 technology. Their work has been highlighted in Soundtrap’s EDU blog, Noteflight’s EDU blog, the NAfME professional development portal, and the JEN newsletter to name a few. Habersat and Levy have presented their methods at the JEN conference, Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic, NAfME’s National Inservice, and IMEC.

Course Details

Instructor: Bob Habersat
3 Graduate Credits
Tuition: $1,020, due in full with registration    
Register by April 14 for only $995!
Course Code: 7539
Location: Online
Chat Sessions:
Required Material(s):
Teacher membership for the 2019-20 Production Through Performance curriculum on
Student Cost: $100
50% discount for VanderCook students (VanderCook pays the remaining 50%)
An individual coupon code and URL will be emailed to you after registration to purchase the curriculum.
Curriculum can be purchased at
Please email if you require an invoice.
Software/hardware requirements for Mac & Windows users:
A computer (Mac, PC or Chromebook) that can run Soundtrap with low latency. (Try Soundtrap here by creating a free account and using the typing keyboard to play software instruments.)
High speed internet access is required.
A MIDI keyboard with a USB connection is recommended.

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