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Summer 2019 MECA Tuition

3-Credit Course Promotional Pricing Schedule:
February 4 – March 1, 2019:  $970 (includes $50 savings)
March 2 – March 31, 2019:  $995 (includes $25 savings)
April 1 – August 2, 2019:  $1,020 (Full tuition)
1-Credit Course Tuition:
$340 (promotional pricing does not apply)
Orff Schulwerk Levels Courses
(promotional pricing does not apply)
Promotional pricing only applies for tuition paid in full.
Summer online courses begin June 10 and conclude on August 2, 2019.


Contact our Director of Continuing Education by email at or by phone at 312.788.1139.







VanderCook Summer 2019 MECA Courses

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WEEK 1: JUNE 10–15, 2019

Percussion for the Non-Percussionist
Instructors: Jim Yakas & Keith Aleo
Band Instrument Repair
Instructors: Gary Everett & Bill Rife
Social & Emotional Learning in Music Education
Instructor: Dr. Scott Edgar
It’s All in the Planning
Instructors: Keith Ozsvath & Travis Weller
Shed Fest: A Colloquium for the General and Performance Classroom
Instructors: Bob Habersat & Paul Levy

WEEK 2: JUNE 17–21, 2019

Pop Ensemble: Play, Teach, Understand
Instructor: Rick Palese
Efficient & Effective Rehearsal Techniques for the MS & HS Orchestra
Instructors: Frank Lestina & Gabriel Villasurda
Winning Strategies for a Positive Band Environment: Leadership, Accountability, Community
Instructors: Dr. Myra Rhoden & Dr. Zandra Bell-McRoy

WEEK 3: JUNE 24–28, 2019

World Rhythms: Drum, Strum & Sing World Music
Instructor: Kalani Das
The Complete Band Director: Success On & Off the Podium
Instructor: Dr. Charles Menghini
First Steps in Music
Instructor: John Feierabend
The Greatest Generation of Choral Music
Instructor: Stan McGill & Guests

WEEK 4: JULY 1–3, 2019

Empowering Students to Make Musical Decisions
Instructor: Chip Staley
Purposeful Pathways to Functional Harmony
Instructor: Roger Sam 
"WHERE ARE WE??" Teaching Choir Students to Read Music
Instructor: Catherine DeLanoy

WEEK 5: JULY 8–12, 2019

Teaching in Diverse Communities (Course Page Coming Soon)
Instructor: Tom Bracy
Song Writing & Compostition for the Classroom
Instructor: Michael Miles

WEEK 6: JULY 15–19, 2019

Conducting Gestures and Teaching Methods That Inspire Young Musicians
Instructor: Brian Balmages, Craig Kirchhoff, Charles "Chip" Staley, William Jastrown & Steve Squires
Zero to Jazz: Methods for the Modern Classroom
Instructor: Bob Habersat & Paul Levy
The Wonder of Weston Noble
Instructors: Dr. Robert Sinclair

WEEK 7: JULY 22–26, 2019

Gospel Music Pedagogies for the Classroom
Instructor: Dr. Jason Thompson
Orff Schulwerk Curriculum & Design
Instructors: Jean Hersey & Cynthia Seputis 
Japanese Band Philosophies & Methods Class (Course Page Coming Soon)
Instructors: Glen Schneider, Mark Humphreys, James Lambrecht, & Benjamin Das 

JULY 22–23, 2019

Chromebook Immersion for the General Music Teacker (grades k-8) (Course Page Coming Soon)
Instructor: Stefani Langol

JULY 25–26, 2019

iPad Immersion for the General Music Teacker (grades k-8) (Course Page Coming Soon)
Instructor: Stefani Langol


WEEK 8: JULY 29–AUGUST 2, 2019

The Power of the Percussion Ensemble (Course Page Coming Soon)
Instructors: Dr. James Yakas & Clif Walker


Orff Schulwerk Level I
Instructors: Jean Hersey, Cynthia (Recorders), Ben Torres (Movement)
Orff Schulwerk Level II
Instructors: Drue Bullington, Cynthia (Recorders), Ben Torres (Movement)
Orff Schulwerk Level III
Instructors: Vivian Murray-Caputo, Cynthia (Recorders), Ben Torres (Movement)




JUNE 10–AUGUST 2, 2019
Noteflight Learn Educator Certification
Instructor: Stefani Langol

(Course Page Coming Soon)

Guitar for the Music Educator: Level I
Instructor: Matt Hudson
Guitar for the Music Educator: Level II
Instructor: Matt Hudson
Upright & Elctric Bass: Level I
Instructor: Doug Bistrow
From Rehearsal to the Concert Hall
Instructor: Glen Schneider 
Sibelius Music Notation
Instructor: Vincent Leonard
TECHing the Elementary Classroom: Integrating Technology Into the 21st Century General Music Classroom
Manju Durairaj
Music Educators as Influencers: Policy, Trends & Issues in Education
Instructor: Mark Reid
Relational Pedagogy: Community, Culture and Leadership in Your Music Program
Instructor: Mark Reid
Build, Maintain & Champion an Enduring High Quality Program:
Instructor: Charles "Chip" Staley 
Digital Assessment Tools for the Band, Orchestra & Choral Director
Instructor: Keith Ozsvath
Music Student Portfolios Using Google Slides & Reflective Practices
Instructor: Glen Scheinder
Jazz Arranging from Combo to Big Band
Instructor: Vince Leonard
Business 101 for the Music Director
Instructor: Tom Bracy

(Course Page Coming Soon)

Production Through Performance: A New Approach To Music Technology
Instructor: Bob Habersat
(Course Page Coming Soon)
Music, the Brain & Learning
Instructor: Elizabeth Allison
No Budget Needed: Enhance Your Program’s Administration, Organization & Communication Using Google Instructor: Lisa Hatfield 
Scoring for Band
Instructor: Ken Snoeck
Women’s Choir Literature from the Venetian Oespedali to Yesterday
Instructor: Lisa Frendenburgh
Music Composition for Media
Instructor: Chee-Ping Ho

(Course Page Coming Soon)

The Percussion Section Unpacked: World Percussion Instrumentse
Instructor: Zachary Himelhoch
Standards-Based Learning, Grading & Reportingin the Music Classroom
Instructor: Greg Scapillato

(Course Page Coming Soon)

Beyond Singing: A Blueprint For The Exceptional Choral Program
Instructor: Stan McGill
Web Design for Your School Music Program: Connecting to Your Community
Instructor: Stefani Langol

(Course Page Coming Soon)



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