This course is designed for music educators who have already taken the primer level course, Guitar for the Music Educator: Level I. In Guitar II, we will continue to explore accompaniment styles, improvisation, reading music beyond the open and first positions, playing slurs, triad exercises, and much more. This course is designed to help teachers break out of their routines and integrate new tools and instructional strategies that will help inspire a lifetime of music in the lives of their students. Due to its accessibility and cultural prominence, the guitar is the ideal instrument for this pursuit. 
  • Play all major and minor triads in at least three positions on the neck.
  • Read music notation in multiple positions including open, 3rd, 5th and 10th.
  • Play barre chords.
  • Play 7th and 9th chords.
  • Integrate slurs in melodic interpretations and improvisations.
  • Play strumming patterns that include 1/16 note subdivisions and staccato variations in the funk and rock idioms.


Matt Hudson is a jazz guitarist from Erie, PA, currently teaching Guitar and Recording Arts at Lane Tech High School in Chicago. Hudson began his formal music studies at the University of Pittsburgh in 1999. He was the winner of the Mellon Bank Jazz Scholarship, which gave him the chance to study with ex-patriot saxophonist Nathan Davis as well as world-renowned guitarist Joe Negri.
Hudson has a voracious appetite for jazz improvisation and studied many eras of the form with a particular emphasis on blues and bebop. He became a regular fixture at jam sessions in Pittsburgh and by the time he graduated in 2003, he was performing in many top venues with artists such as Gene Stovall, Reggie Watkins, The Marvelettes, Jay Willis and Curtis Fuller.
By the end of that year, Hudson decided to settle in Chicago to pursue creative opportunities that blended RnB, hip hop, jazz and rock. This began a fertile period for Hudson marked by collaborations with William Kurk Enterpise, Siji, Aaron Getsug, Scott Hessy and Karl E.H. Siegfried.  
It was during 2006 that Hudson met producer and DJ Anthony Nicholson and his son Quincy Nicholson.  This began his affiliation with the jazz recording group Scientific Map. Over the course of five years, this group recorded and toured to support albums for Imaginary Chicago Records. Each of these recordings was produced and recorded by Anthony and Quincy Nicholson. Hudson earned his master's degree at VanderCook in 2010.

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