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A refresher course of basic and chromatic theory. Master's degree candidates who need to brush up on their knowledge of theory before registering for a course in arranging should consider this elective.
520 Theory Review (Online)
2 graduate credits
Tuition: $1,080 due in full with registration.
7907 Theory Review (Online)
3 graduate credits
Tuition: $1,020 due in full with registration.
Online Chat Sessions:Theory Review online chat sessions will be held on Tuesdays at 4:00 PM Central Time.
Required text: Music Theory (HarperCollins College Outline) by George Thaddeus Jones, ISBN: 9780064671682.


Theory Review has one course level. Students enrolled in the MMEd program at VanderCook are eligible to enroll in online courses at the 500 level. Students not enrolled in the MMEd program who wish to earn graduate credit as a MECA Continuing Education student should register at the 7000 level. The difference in credits earned and tuition cost is attributed to the difference in tuition rates for the MMEd and MECA Continuing Education programs. If you are unsure which section is best for you, please contact us directly at

Instructor: Mary Ann Krupa

Krupa_headshotMary Ann Krupa has been with VanderCook since 1993 and has extensive teaching and performing experience. She received a master of music and a bachelor of music in piano performance from the American Conservatory of Music. Her numerous solo and chamber music performances include Dame Myra Hess Memorial Concerts, Carnegie Hall, WFMT, the Unity Temple Series, and the Beverly Art Center. Ms. Krupa served as music director and rehearsal pianist for numerous musicals for Village Players, Triton College and Open Door Repertory Company. She has acted as accompanist for William Ferris Chorale, Goodman School of Drama, and varied vocal and instrumental studios. She is also in her 16th year as music director for the CAST Program in Oak Park.


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