Teacher Certification Entitlement Program


A Note from the Dean's Desk

Dear Certification Candidate,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to VanderCook College of Music, a private institution dedicated exclusively to the preparation of music teachers.  VanderCook has a long, illustrious history of serving the educational needs of all music teachers through a practical, hands-on approach that is rooted in the teaching fundamentals of our founders.

Along with H.E. Nutt, his protégé, Mr. VanderCook emphasized the need for useful and sincere education, which continues to be our aim and inspiration today.  I am confident that as you pursue your goal to become a certified music teacher, you will find something of value in every class you take that will immediately apply to your teaching situation.

During your time with us, please take advantage of the opportunity to share your experiences and insights with other students as you meet new challenges, develop your teaching skills, and nurture your creativity.

I look forward to working with you as you begin your journey to becoming a certified teacher in the VanderCook tradition.




                                                                                     Ruth Rhodes

                                                                                     Dean of Graduate Studies


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