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Masters and Certification Tuition and Fees


2014-2015 Masters and Certification Tuition and Fees

Full-Time: Per Semester Per Year
Per semester for 12 to 19 hours (includes 1 credit hour of applied study) 12,075.00 24,150.00
Mandatory Fees:    
Library 120.00 240.00
Electronic Music Center 275.00 550.00
Student Activity 200.00 400.00
Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) U-Pass (est.) 175.00 350.00
Total Tuition and Mandatory Fees: 12,845.00 25,690.00
Tuition for 9-11 credit hours    
Per Credit Hour 1,000.00  
Applied Study (per credit hour) 1,020.00  
Library Fee 120.00  
Electronic Music Center 275.00  
Student Activity Fee 200.00  
Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) U-Pass (estimated) 175.00  
Tuition for 1-8 Credt Hours    
Per Credit Hour 1,010.00  
Applied Study (per credit hour) 1,030.00  
Library Fee 120.00  
Technology 275.00  
Student Activity Fee 200.00  
Other Fees:    
Major Instrument Rental Fee 220.00  
(Fee is also assigned to students enrolled for 12 or more credit hours studying applied major perussion, piano, or voice.)
Techniques Instrument Rental (per instrument) 55.00  
Percussion Techniques Fee 110.00  
Science Class Lab Fee (spring only) 100.00  
Graduation Fee (spring only) 200.00  
Withdrawal Fee (from the college after add/drop) 250.00  
Instrument Repair Lab Fee 135.00  
Concert Wear for Women 150.00  

Master's Project Fee

*Continuing Master's Project Fee

Instructional Resource Fee (fewer than 6 credit hours)

**Criminal Background Check





***Continuing Student Fee 200.00  


* Assessed each year for students receiving an "incomplete" on their project.

**Criminal background checks are required of all undergraduate, masters and certification, and entitlement students during their first semester of study, and a second check is required in the semester prior to student teaching.  FEE QUOTED IS FOR ONE CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK.

***Assessed for each semester the student is not actively enrolled




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