Student Health & Injury Prevention Resources

VanderCook College of Music has taken an active role in heath and injury prevention education. Being a college entirely devoted to music education, technique courses are required to learn every major band and orchestral instrument as well as how to sing. We take steps in order to make sure our students stay injury free by utilizing injury prevention tools such as the WOW, the reset glove, and providing them with numorous resources on how to protect their bodies.


Please take a look at all of the resources to the right, below, and to the left to better learn how you could take a more acive role in health and injury prevention education as well.



One of the biggest tools used at VanderCook is the WOW 90 second warm up. This warm up is designed to stretch the whole arm and hand. The WOW exercises muscles in the hand that are not normally used, muscles that are used when playing a secondary instrument, or practicing for extended periods of time.

Students warm up before technique classes to assure that they are taking the proper steps against injury. Here is a few examples of the WOW  in use during class.