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Student Health & Injury Prevention Resources

VanderCook College of Music is committed to the health, wellness and safety of its candidates, faculty and staff.  As such, the college provides special seminars, lectures and demonstrations to provide best practices in the areas of vocal health, neuromusculoskeletal health adn hearing health each semester.  Faculty have the discretion to enact certain procedures and requirements in the normal course of their calss(es) in order to support these best practices.

All VanderCook candidates are entitled to the services provided by IIT's Student Health and Wellness Center (SHWC), located in the IIT Tower on 35th Street. 

As such, VanderCook has taken an active role in heath and injury prevention education. Being a college entirely devoted to music education, techniques courses are required to learn every major band and orchestral instrument as well as how to sing. We take steps to ensure our students’ health and safety by utilizing injury prevention tools such as WOW and the Reset Glove, and providing our students with numerous resources on how to protect their bodies.